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My friend needs taxback!



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Programul Tell A Friend

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The more you recommend us, the higher commission you get!

By becoming a Tell a Friend agent you can earn commissions. Our Tell a Friend scheme offers:

  1. Commission-earning potential
  2. Chat live with one of our team members using our instant messenger service
  3. application forms and instructions for all available tax countries
  4. A dedicated Tell A Friend Account Manager who will
    • Contact you with updates on key times in the relevant tax year
    • Update you on agent competitions
    • Answer any questions you may have
    • Arrange your commission payment


The more information you can provide us with, the more commission you will earn. For example, if you pass on your friend’s contact details to us, we’ll pay some commission. However, if you get your friend to complete a tax pack, we’ll pay even more. You can see the earning potential for each tax country below.

Tara in care s-au platit taxele If you pass on your friend’s contact details we’ll pay If you send on a completed tax pack your commission will rise to Valuta
SUA $10.00 $20.00 US Dollars
Marea Britanie £10.00 £10.00 Sterling
Australia $20.00 $20.00 Australian Dollars
Irlanda €5.00 €5.00 Euro
Other European Countries €8.00 €16.00 Euro
Canada $12 $24 Canadian Dollars
Noua Zeelanda $10 $20 New Zealand Dollars
Japonia ¥628 ¥1506 Japanese Yen

NOTE: will not use any supplied information for anything except to send your friend the invitation. Personal information is not sold, rented or shared with anyone.

Refer a Friend Programme Rules and Restrictions

*You may not refer yourself.

*You must provide a first name, last name, e-mail address and a valid phone number for both referrer (you) and referee (your friend).

*Your referral must be a new customer.

Sign up today and one of our team members will call you and explain how to get started

Tell a Friend

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Meet the Agents

  • Customer Avatar
    Arvy Osma,
    Ever since I first used's services in 2006, I have been happy to recommend it to my fellow Work and Travel USA participants here in the Philippines. My clients' tax refunds are being handled safely starting from processing of tax documents up until the accurate transfer of their money in their respective bank accounts. With the 24/7 online access and live support, clients can be always updated with transparency. Excellent job Team!

  • Customer Avatar
    Sergii Buchynskyi,
    Hi All! My name is Sergey. is awesome! The company helped both myself and my friends get tax refunds from the U.S. This was done by a professional management team, which promptly responded to all my questions which I had throughout the course of filing documents. They also provided the opportunity to receive instant online advice from experts. The entire refund process can be observed on a personal web page, which is also very convenient. The most pleasant surprise of all was the Tell A Friend bonus, which the company allocated for each new recommended friend that was owed a refund.

  • Customer Avatar
    Beyazit Tan,
    Hello. I'm Beyazit Tan and I'm from Turkey. I have been participating in the Work and Travel programme for two years. is helping me get my tax refunds for the years 2008 and 2009. I told my friends who had also participated in the Work and Travel programme to get their tax refunds from . gave me $10 for each friend I registered. My friends didn't know how to fill the out their forms so I filled them in and they signed them. I then sent the forms to my account manager, Nina Velikova. As soon as they got the W2 forms she added $20 as a bonus to my account. I had 13 friends registered and sent all their documents. If you have enough of your friends registered, you don't need to worry about the fees. How does it work? When you register your friend, you get $10 bonus. When you send your friends' documents you get $10 more as a bonus.

  • Customer Avatar
    Bruno Benedini,
    My name is Bruno and I am from Argentina. I went to the USA with the Work & Travel programme on a J-1 Visa and I earned almost $200 referring some friends. It was very simple and easy. I sent the forms for them and got $20 for each one. I have a very good Customer Care Agent (Nikolay Spasov) and I also use the 24/7 on-line chat that takes care of all my doubts and questions really fast. If you want to make some money, I recommend you join the "Tell A Friend" Programme today.

  • Customer Avatar
    Martin Yordanov,
    Tyrgovishte, Bulgaria
    Hello, my name is Martin Jordanov and I am from Bulgaria. I enjoy working with, because it is trustworthy company, always keep their word and making the utmost to assist all who need help to return their taxes back paid abroad. The “Tell A Friend” programme is very useful and profitable. Thus I helped many of my friends to refund their taxes and got money for myself.

  • Customer Avatar
    Renata Fernandes Porto,
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    I'm really happy working in the Tell a Friend programme because everyone in is always ready to help you. And at the same time I can help my friends to get their taxes back. I recommend this programme. Every time I work with, things end well!

  • Customer Avatar
    Stefan Gyorgy,
    From the time when I started my collaboration with, I realized, I have never met a more cooperative or helpful team than the Tell a Friend team. After a couple years of working with them I can affirm is the best! Their on-line tracking system, both for individuals and Tell A Friend agents, was their best invention. Their email communication is very understandable and explicitly clear. I can tell you guys that you are doing a very good job.

  • Customer Avatar
    Daniil Ravich,
    Belgorod, Russia
    Hello, my name is Daniel Ravich. I worked in the United States in the summer of 2008. After I came back to my home country I wanted to get back my taxes. I made the right decision by choosing taxback! did a great job refunding my overpaid taxes. Thank you! Then I helped my friends get their tax refund using the Tell A Friend programme. Nina Velikova helped me in this. She is very professional and very friendly. She always answers my questions in time and even calls me if she has questions about my friends' documents. Nina helped me refer all my friends to the company and the Tell A Friend programme helped me make extra money! I appreciate the job that did for me and always recommend them to people I know. I also thank Nina Velikova for her help and professionalism! I'd be glad to cooperate with the team in future!

  • Customer Avatar
    Vili Zheleva,
    Yambol, Bulgaria
    Hello, my name is Vili Zheleva and I am from Bulgaria. Me and my friends from Yambol have worked in Holland for several years and have found attentiveness, honesty and politeness in Thank you on my and everyone else's behalf for all the work done so far and for the precise and timely processing of our documents in order to get back taxes paid abroad. I would like to say a big thank you especially to Nina Velikova and her colleagues for the professional and precise information and support which they provided, and without which, we wouldn't have been able to manage. Sincerely hoping in future to strengthen our business relations built upon honesty and integrity on both sides. I wish to surpass all my expectations and to continue to be as successful in the future.

  • Customer Avatar
    Tsolmon Chinzorig,
    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
    I have attended student exchange program to the United States of America in 2008. During my stay I heard from my manager that we are able to get major amount of our tax return after returning to our home country. Coming back to my home country I found this agency website, chat box popping up and it was easy for me to ask things and I have filled the application form which was relatively simple. I had my own account that I can see all the process and when everything is done all I had to do was enter my bank account. There you have it! Then after getting my tax return my friends were asking me to help them to get theirs. It's nice that you can get bonus cash by just preparing your friends application. Personally, I would say Taxback is a great agency that works internationally and I have a great trust, which I'd like to offer for those who are seeking a way to get their tax return. It's real simple.